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Founder's Message

Welcome to the Club. I look forward to getting to know you better on this journey of adventure, fun and personal fulfilment. As a member of the Club you are entering a world of possibilities. In addition to the advantageous pricing of travel packages, adventure wear and gear, educational material you participate in a unique community of people who think and act just like you when it comes to traveling, adventures and nature.

Let me tell you the vision of our Club. After being in the corporate world for over 20 years I established World Adventure Travelers Club to bring a higher standard of products and services to our members at superior value. The Club is for everyone from serious adventure explorers to families wanting to experience a new sport in comfort and style. Building long lasting close ties with players in both the traveling and adventure support industries will enable the Club to always bring the best to its members. The Club is unique because as members you have a voice and you can influence the direction of the Club.

The Club website will be the main source of information to assist you in researching for your next adventure. You can participate in the Club Forum to get first hand insights from other members and give your opinions to help others.

My ultimate goal for the Club is to own and/or manage a small portfolio of boutique properties in the most sought after adventure locations to cater to members’ requirements and allow members to participate in the ownerships or exclusive time allocations. 

The definition of adventure travel includes being in touch with nature. No adventure is possible without the amazing and necessary environment. As an avid surfer, I am a big fan of Patagonia and its founder Yvon Chouinard. It is part of the charter that 1% of revenue will be set aside each year for the WATC Foundation. The Foundation’s grant committee members will be selected from and elected by members on annually. The Foundation will focus on adventure projects that raise awareness of our precious environment and technologies that enhance both the enjoyment and safety of adventures and reduce impact on the environment.

Whatever the adventure you want to pursue I and the Club will do everything to achieve your goals for you. Your journey just started you are in control of where you want to go and how you want to do it. Let the Club help you and along the way lets have more fun and less impact on the environment. 

Frank Zhu