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Eco-Tourism Potential in Taiji Japan

Located in Higashimuro District, Wakayama Prefecture Taiji has been made known to millions of ocean lovers in the documentary The Cove. People have highlighted the huge potential in eco-tourism as a viable means to diversify income for the local fishermen and residents. It is slowly gaining a wider audience's acceptance. In time it may well be the dominant industry in Taiji.

It is not hard to see from the google map below why this is very achievable with the right policies to tap into the abundant natural resources Taiji has. Mountains for climbing and trekking, cultural visits in and around the town, surfing along the coast, swimming with marine life and of course the famous Onsens for relaxation before or after tasting the local delicacies. 

It will be a most authentic Japanese experience. It has all the ingredients to make a successful tourism economy driver. The Club will be working with locals to introduce an amazing eco-tourism package in the future.