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The moment when I truly fell in love with the mountains of this amazing world and developed a deep respect for climbers was the day I visited Chamonix in France. Staring at the majestic Mont Blanc I fell silent while my mouth was open. From Australia I never truly appreciated mountains as we are too focused on the ocean. Shortly after I started reading about mountains and climbing. The history is so rich and characters are so fascinating. I made a decision on the spot that mountains have a rightful place in our Club and our members and everyone out there should have the opportunity to experience them at all levels. 

​We are not about extreme climbing. We are all about enjoying the experience. You will find information on mountain activities that people of all levels can enjoy. For example you can take a cable car to 3,800m at Chamonix in France. Then come down and have an amazing local meal and drink a local beer. Sipping coffee and admiring the majesty of Mont Blanc.