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Japan - Land of Adventure and Culture

Source: Japan National Tourism Organisation

Surf + snow + hot springs

Japan has long been noted for its amazing snow. Places like Hokkaido, Nagano and Tohoku are world famous. 

As an island nation Japan has some of the most amazing surf spots for our members to explore. Just outside Tokyo and Chiba prefecture lies Kujukuri-hama beach. It has some powerful and consistent beach breaks. Kamakura in Kanagawa is another beach also close to Tokyo and is quite popular due to its accessibility.

Of course there is Okinawa, a chain of 160 islands scattered between Kyushu and Taiwan. Japan's Hawaii. Made more famous by the surf movie Good Morning Miyazaki, on the Nichinan coastline is Miyazaki city. 

‚ÄčAnother famous nature related activity is the Onsens or Hot Springs. Their healing power has been long established. There is nothing better than going into an Onsen after a long surf or snow session. Popular spots include Kanto, Hokkaido, Tohoku and Kyushu. 

Source: Japan National Tourism Organisation