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African safari

Africa stays with you forever after your safari. It is just so magical and you will want to keep going back. Nothing on land can compare to the natural living wonders of Africa and going on a safari is the best way to enjoy and appreciate it. 

climbing & trekking

Why climbing a mountain? "Because it is there" as one said in the movie Everest. One doesn't need to climb Everest to appreciate the fresh air, the quietness and the natural wonders. Let's expand the list of mountains you have visited.

The world is majority ocean so one should always keep the ocean in mind when adventuring. Nothing better than surfing to let people enjoy and be one with the ocean. The feeling of gliding on the face of an amazing wave must be experienced. Surfing is a way of life and traveling to different surfing spots is one's best journey. 
Information is key to an amazing and hassle free adventure. Here you will find all the key information we have collected on the two most important aspects of any adventure travel. Location and People. 

You need to know everything you can find about a location before you choose. But a perfect location doesn't guarantee a perfect adventure. It is the people who make your adventure the most memorable. After all you take home more than just photos. You bring back stories. 

At the club we work hard to get in touch with locals who can work with us to guide you, teach you and sometimes if necessary help you out. You will become friends with them afterwards. 

We work hard to get the best deals at the best locations. You will find information on accommodations and hot spots. As you know we are not about mass tourism. We are focusing on houses and boutique hotels that cater to adventure travelers. The information is collected for small and even individual travelers. We prefer houses than hotels. We prefer boutique to resorts. 

We have organised information by each adventure and divided into location and people. Also under the section Club you will find a special page called Club Reporters. We publish stories and information written by our fellow club members. And you can always join the club forum to post a question on any topic. 

Snowboarding & Ski

The equivalent of surfing on land. Going to a ski field is itself a journey. Come and explore the wonderful fields and facilities around the world. The best experience sometimes is at the end of a snowboard session when you sit down for a cold beer by the fireplace in the village.

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