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Located 4.5 hours by car north of Sydney is world famous right hand point break called Crescent Head. Famous for 200m plus long rides on longboards and high performance shortboard rides on a pumping low tide. The town is what locals like to call a sleepy town. Nothing changes much and it is exactly what locals and visitors want. It has been called the Byron Bay before it became today's Byron Bay. In fact Byron Bay people come and visit to relive the past tranquility it used to have. Open up any longboard focused surf magazine and you will find mentions of Crescent Head and amazing people and stories. 

Creso as it is called is good for families and travelling surfers who want to take a break on their journey between Bells Beach in Victoria and Coolangatta in Queensland. The creek is a non stop shallow sand bottomed water way for kids and adults to relax and swim. Get one a paddle board and it will take you to the inland river on high tide and out to the ocean on low tide. Around the corner behind the headland is the back beach. Empty long and flat sand. Take a 4x4 drive and you may just end up in Port Macquarie the regional centre located 40 minute drive south. Of course there is surfing, lots of restaurants and cafes. And an airport than links one to almost every part of Australia. 

Made famous by the golden oldies of surfing Creso occupies a special spot in surfers hearts. You know you will have the rides or your life there regardless the boards you use. You know you will feel a million miles away from the big smoke. Catch a fresh fish, drink a cold beer at the local country club and sip a nice coffee at the local cafes. Creso offers a complete surfing and surf town experience. But unlike other famous places around the world Creso will not burn a hole in your wallet. And you will meet new friends local and visiting. You will consider moving there at least a few times during your stay. You will be back. 

Despite having a permanent population of around 1,200 Crescent Head is well supported by bigger local township of Kempsey (20minute drive away) and regional city Port Macquarie (40minute drive). Linked to other local towns like Hat Head and  Scott's Head by road and beach. Another regional centre Coffs Harbour is only 1.5hr drive north with Byron Bay less than 5 hours drive away. 

There is a lot more than surfing in Crescent Head and its surrounding area. Situated inside a National Park and protected as a Surfing Reserve nature lovers will have a great time here. Get to know the local aboriginal people or the traditional landowners here. Learn about the rich history of this part of Australia. 
The Club is fortunate enough to have a house on the hill overlooking the beach. It accommodates 6 people at least and is quiet and modern. Please check it out and contact us for an amazing experience.