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Amazing Adventures and Savings

The largest island on our amazing planet earth Australia provides endless opportunities for adventure. Ocean is definitely the premier adventure for everyone. Surfing is blessed in this country with over 1 million surfers in the country and thousands of surfing and life saving clubs dotted along its extensive coastline.

Is there hence any wonder the first surfing world championship was held in Manly Beach in Sydney NSW? Also Australians make up more than 1/3 of the top surfers on the world championship tour. And the three largest surf wear companies were all established in Australia. 

For overseas and inter-state travelers it is not easy to find the right surf break for one's skill level, for the right safety system in place, for the amenities on offer and for the right season. We are here to help. We list here the top surf breaks that are good for a fun surfing and family trip. Where you have a good surfing break you are bound to find family friendly rock pools, creeks and parks for all. 

Come and check out the amazing surfing locations in Australia and adventure with the Club.