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We understand people have multiple objectives when they travel. This is especially true when families travel with children and overseas from their home. We at the club offer packages that are not going to take up majority of your journey. They are designed to enhance your experience by inserting an element of organised adventure. That is why our packages only last 2-3 days and offer the flexibility of actives with and without accommodation. Longer time frame packages can be made upon request. 

We believe strongly in balance. Adventures don't occur in isolation of local culture. We make adventure and local culture the central themes of our packages. From our experiences travelers always remember that amazing visit to a local community and the excellent local cuisine they enjoyed. We make food an important part of the package. In summary you will experience adventure, local culture and amazing food. 

We also want to keep the feeling of small and boutique. We offer packages to cater to groups of no more than 6 people. This can be three couples, one couple and one family of four or two families of three. In addition to hotels we also offer holiday homes to our club members. Holiday homes usually offer more space at same or lower rate. Members can choose what suit them.